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    Welcome to Capricorn Risk Services...Your one stop shop for Risk Protection solutions
    Specialist in the Motor Trades...We understand the unique needs of your business
    Protect your business...We provide a range of solutions to make protecting your business easier
  • "Your one-stop risk solution"  

  • Capricorn Risk Services (CRS) launched in July 2014 as the one-stop risk solution for all members of Capricorn Society Limited (CSL). CRS can offer protections available from Capricorn Mutual Limited (CML) and general insurance products sourced by Capricorn Insurance Services (CIS) Pty Ltd. Capricorn Members can now consolidate all risk protection needs through just one trusted provider whilst still earning Capricorn reward points - one of the many ways we show it really is 'just easier' doing business with Capricorn!

  • Specialist in the Motor Trades Industry

    Capricorn Society has 40 years experience aligned to the Motor Trades industry. As a specialist, CRS is uniquely positioned to truly understand the needs and challenges of  Capricorn members.


    A service which is truly personal

    CRS operates a dedicated sales network with wide geographic spread across both Australia and New Zealand. Our supportive CRS Account Managers provide regular face-to-face engagement with members, offering a service which is truly personal.

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  • Capricorn Rewards

    Capricorn Members can earn 1.5 reward points for every dollar spent on CRS products and services purchased through their Capricorn account!

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